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Rugged Smartphone, OUKITEL 5G Unlocked for All Carriers Cell Phone WP10, 48MP Sony Camera(Support Shooting 4K Video) 8GB +128GB 8000mAh Battery IP68 & IP69K Protection 6.67 Inch FHD Screen (Orange)

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OUKITEL first 5G dreamy rugged smartphone

OUKITEL WP10 selling pointOUKITEL WP10 selling point

The 5G global frequency band supports most mainstream frequencies, and a movie can be downloaded within ten seconds on a 5G network8G RAM can open multiple applications and run large games. 128GB storage, you can download more videos and keep more photosAndroid 10.0 brings a pure, safe, and efficient user experience, manually turning off push to reduce the interruption of advertisementsWaterproof smartphones, the highest standard of mobile phone waterproof IP68, and equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass, sturdy and durableNFC function, support Google Pay, no need for extra cards to travel more convenient, take our OUKITEL WP10 for a walk-and-go trip8000 mAh battery, standby time of 780 hours, support 56 hours of continuous talk, 18W fast charging, bid farewell to the anxiety of low batteryFaceID & fingerprint recognition, multiple unlocking methods, suitable for various situations, and quickly unlock your phone for your application6.67-inch full screen with FHD+ excellent display effect, whether it is games or video, it can bring you the ultimate immersive visual enjoymentFour rear cameras, 48MP Sony main camera + 13MP ultra-wide angle, and macro depth of field function, a professional camera phone

4K 60fps video4K 60fps video

4k 30fps video recording beautiful moments in life

FHD+ smartphoneFHD+ smartphone

6.67-inch FHD+ full screen brings immersive experience

5g unlocked rugged smartphone5g unlocked rugged smartphone

Large batteryLarge battery

Multifunctional photoMultifunctional photo

5G NR: N1 / 3/41/77/78/795G compatible networks: Sprint (n41), T-Mobile (n41)Other operators are not supported, such as Verizon, AT&T 5G network.Some network operators did not show it because their 5G networks have not yet been commercialized on a large scale. If you have already participated in the operator’s test program, please contact the operator to find out which 5G frequency they use.

The OUKITEL WP10 smart phone is equipped with a large 8000mAh battery, and is equipped with MediaTek’s unique 5G UltraSave, which can dynamically adjust energy consumption through algorithms to achieve 25 days of long-term standby, 5 days of light use, and 3 days of heavy use.18W fast charging lets you say goodbye to long-term charging. Even for outdoor adventures and long-distance travel, you don’t have to worry about battery shortages.

The main camera of WP10 is Sony’s 48MP pixel sensor, 13MP super wide-angle, 2MP macro+2MP blur lens and front 16MP longitudinal sensor. The excellent Sony super-outsole sensor brings you powerful shooting functions and clearer photos.13MP ultra-wide-angle, accommodating larger and more beautiful scenes without worrying about the narrow screen of the mobile phone16MP front sensor, Selfie can also take real and clear photos

Ultra wide angleUltra wide angle

Ultra wide angle

OUKITEL uses a 13MP 124° ultra-wide-angle sensor, so that the captured images will have a strong sense of spatial perspective and shocking tension effects. In some special occasions, we can use the distortion effect of ultra-wide-angle to compose pictures, such as shooting a large grassland, shooting some buildings with obvious lines, etc., and we can use the feature of ultra-wide-angle lens to produce unique picture visual effects.

5G Rugged phone speed5G Rugged phone speed

5G Rugged mobile phone

At present, the 5G network is the fastest and most secure network. You will be able to enjoy silky smooth videos, HyperFast downloads, live video chats, online live broadcasts, game entertainment, ultra-reliable connections, etc. Supports 2G/3G/4G/5G, SA and NSA network architectures and most mainstream frequencies.


Wireless projectionWireless projection


Glove modeGlove mode

4 major navigation systems

Wireless voted screen function

NFC Support Google Pay

Glove usage mode

【Waterproof, dustproof, and drop-proof 5G smartphone】 OUKITEL WP10 has superior waterproof, dustproof, and drop-proof performance; (1) It can be used under 1.5M depth for 30 minutes (2) The drop resistance reaches 1.5m (3) 360-degree dustproof, this phone It also has excellent cold and heat resistance. It can operate normally in an environment of -20°C and 60°C. It is your best partner in harsh environments
【8GB running memory + 128GB large storage space】OUKITEL WP10 is equipped with 8GB of running memory, with the Dimensity 800 octa-core processor chip, which can easily run large games. With 128GB of storage space, you can download more videos at will. This perfect combination can reduce energy consumption while giving you Bring an extremely fast and secure experience
【48MP SONY camera + 6.67 inches full screen】OUKITEL WP10 with 48MP Sony main rear camera + 13MP wide-angle + 2MP macro + 2MP blur, rear four cameras, to help you clearly capture all the beautiful things, the front 16MP camera and 6.67-inch full screen perfect match, bring you Better selfie effects, this waterproof phone also supports underwater shooting, recording a different world for you
【8000mAh large battery & 18W fast charge】OUKITEL WP10 is equipped with a large 8000mAh battery, which has a standby time of up to 780 hours, can support 56 hours of continuous calls, and is also equipped with 9V/2A fast charging. It is an indispensable partner for your outdoor adventures
Note: Only compatible with Sprint (n41) and T-Mobile (n41) 5G networks. Other operators are not supported, such as Verizon, AT&T 5G network. Support 4G networks of all operators (not compatible with new AT&T or Cricket activation). Before purchasing, please check the compatibility with local and carrier frequency bands


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